Client : Matt Show Cooking “Mani in Pasta”

Con Antonio Lorenzon

Matt, brand of A&D SpA Food and Dietetic Group specialized in the production of supplements, food and cosmetics related to wellbeing, has launched the “Mani in pasta” format.
The project was born from the idea of Meridian Communications in the collaboration with Antonio Lorenzon, ninth edition’s winner of MasterChef. The “Mani in Pasta” format presents recipes of the classic Italian culinary tradition, revisited by the Chef’s creative inspiration and enriched with organic and functional Matt food products. The recipes’ creation, in the presence of the company’s guests who tested and challenged themselves in the kitchen, took place in a three-days Show Cooking at the Matt Flagship Store in Milan (Largo Zandonai 3)
Meridian Communications conceived and managed the whole project in every stage: creative concept, contents creation, management of the 3 days show cooking event, video production with Antonio Lorenzon.