Client : MOIGE with Samsung

Campaign: Samsung #OFF4aDAY

The project, which Samsung began on October 19, 2015, in collaboration with Movimento Italiano Genitori (MOIGE), featured implementation of the first support service for victims of cyberbullying. To promote the initiative, Samsung invited the entire web community, through its various social channels, to “disconnect” for one day. The company, too, shut down all of its communication channels for the day, a symbolic act aimed at increasing awareness of the risk of online bullying and at promoting the new support service.

Meridian Communications was responsible for designing and promoting all aspects of the project, including drafting special press releases to provide details of the initiative to the press and a content kit designed specifically for influencers, which helped take the campaign viral on all channels. In line with the two target audiences (i.e. parents and their children), the influencers we selected generated a series of (photo and video) content, altered their profile images with #OFF4aDAY creative graphics, and invited their followers to do the same. In just six months from the start of the #OFF4aDAY campaign, the support center received over 1,700 calls for help, as well as a great many requests by other businesses, banks, and organizations to contribute to the campaign.

The results

  • More than 1 million video views
  • 10,000 shares of posts
  • 220,000 likes on the posts shared
  • Hundreds of articles in the press and segments on TV and radio