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Women Run The Show #WRTS

WOMEN RUN THE SHOW is a project of social responsibility to combat domestic violence against women. It was created by Samsung in collaboration with Telefono Rosa and is supported by Italy’s Department of Equal Opportunities within the Office of the Prime Minister and by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

More than six million women in Italy alone have been the victim of some form of violence in their lifetimes—practically 31% of all women between the ages of 16 and 70—and it is generally their current or former partners who commit the most serious of these acts.

Among the women who manage to report domestic violence and begin to receive help, 80% end up returning to their tormentors because they have nowhere else to go. They frequently have no jobs, are not financially independent, and have children to care for.

Samsung, in collaboration with Telefono Rosa, has decided to take action to support these women and so launched the project “Women Run the Show”.

By way of this project, Samsung has helped 10 women, all former victims, providing them with career training and coaching so that they can become financially independent and regain control of their lives. Upon completion of the project, the 10 women also created, acted in and produced Telefono Rosa’s new TV spot against domestic violence, an ad which was co-directed by famous Italian movie director Maria Sole Tognazzi.

The call to action was loud and clear, as businesses were called upon to give job opportunities to these 10 women and many other victims who have contacted Telefono Rosa.

Meridian Communications followed the project throughout its creation and execution, handling management of the press office, the organization of presentation events in Milan and Rome, and the involvement of important influencers, who shared the TV spot and the project itself on their own social media channels beginning on October 27th 2016. The communication strategy designed by Meridian Communications helped the campaign’s message to go as viral as possible in order to increase the awareness of domestic violence among both businesses and the general public and to call upon them to do whatever they can to help victims of domestic violence to regain control over their lives.

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The results from the first month of the campaign:

  • 97,852 likes on the posts shared
  • Over 500,000 views of the ad
  • More than 300 businesses and journalists on hand for the Milan and Rome events
  • Extensive coverage in the press and on radio and TV