LetsApp is a project of corporate social responsibility developed by Samsung Italy in collaboration with Italy’s Ministry of Education and Research. The e-learning course, consisting of 10 lessons, was designed to motivate students to test their programming and problem-solving skills and provides even those with no programming experience with a creative challenge in a stimulating, high-profile setting. At the end of the course, participants were asked to create an Android smartphone app.
The project attracted over 23,000 students and concluded with a grand hackathon at the Samsung Smart Arena in the Samsung District of Milan, during which the teams that presented the five best apps faced off throughout the full-day event. Prizes included a range of Samsung’s best products, with the winners receiving a trip to Korea.

Meridian Communications oversaw all phases of the project, with a particular emphasis on organization and management of the final event, which involved coordinating all of the many actors involved in the project. Katia Follesa, with her humor and her carefree attitude, was the perfect master of ceremonies, creating an playful, informal atmosphere and lightening even the most tension-filled moments of the competition. Two popular Italian YouTube celebrities, Golden Gianpy and Dread, served as entertaining sidekicks to Katia throughout the hackathon and helped generate greater buzz around the initiative by publishing photos and videos on their own social channels.