Client : Samsung ITALIA with RETAKE MILANO

SAVE for Milan

After the success of the Baden Powell Park’s redevelopment activities in Milan, the company mustered again all its employees to clean up the Forlanini Park, with Retake Milano’s volunteers.
450 employees of the Samsung Electronics Italia’s headquarters joined the second edition of the SAVE for Milan project, the Samsung Electronics Italia’s corporate volunteering activities created and organized by Meridian Communications in partnership with Retake Milano association.
The activity comes from the idea that taking care of common good is everyone’s task, not just of public administration. It’s necessary to take a cultural step forward and to aware citizens and companies about how fundamental are the individual’s actions for the community wellbeing.
For the second edition of SAVE for Milan, Meridian Communications suggested to Samsung Electronics Italia to redevelop the historical Forlanini Park, located at the gates of the city near Linate airport, by deleting the numerous writings and stains on the sports center’s perimeter walls, located inside the park, and to clean up the surrounding area with Plogging, an innovative practice that combines beneficial physical outdoor acivity with the environmental care.
Samsung’s employees, divided into teams with the guide of expert Plogging operators and personal trainers, cleaned up the whole park from waste. After work, the employees gathered for a special barbecue.
Lorenzo Lipparini, Councilor for Participation, Active Citizenship and Open data of the Municipality of Milan, and Chiara Bisconti, current Milanosport’s President (company of the Municipality of Milan), and ex Municipality of Milan’s sport council member, symbolically started the cleaning activities with the management of Samsung Electronics Italia to inaugurate the day.
Meridian Communications conceived and managed the whole project, from the creative concept to the planning of the day, in all the organizational and logistic phases. A real turnkey project.

CREDITS: Samsung Italia