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Meridian Communications special projects

Meridian Communications special projects create connections with customers, potential customers, institutions, media and employees. Meridian Communications devises projects, identifies topics appropriate to the customer’s business, forges partnerships with associations and non-profit organisations, facilitates relations with institutions to obtain sponsorships and collaborations, engages employees, and manages communication.
These projects involve the press office, public affairs, HR, digital PR and all stakeholders. In the age of increasing environmental, social and governance (ESG) awareness, companies in every sector are looking for ways to integrate sustainable practices into their business model. Meridian Communications offers customised solutions for ESG initiatives that not only meet global standards, but are also designed to have a significant impact. Meridian Communications elabora progetti di responsabilità sociale che costruiscono una solida e autorevole reputazione verso tutti gli stakeholers aziendali, siano essi clienti, potenziali clienti, istituzioni, media e dipendenti. The innovative and accessible approach to ESG offered by Meridian Communications is an invaluable resource for companies that wish to establish an authoritative reputation, regardless of their size or financial resources. These projects are also a very effective internal communication tool to attract new talent (employer branding and talent attraction).