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Successful strategies for unprecedented visibility and authority.

In a world where image and public perception play crucial roles in a company’s success, Meridian Communications is a strategic partner in public relations and professional press office management. Specialising in the optimisation of customers’ visibility, it prides itself on effective communication strategies that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.
Meridian Communications’ strength lies in its ability to create and maintain a solid corporate reputation with the press, ensuring optimal visibility. Customers benefit from an unparalleled cost/performance advantage, the result of over twenty years of experience and a deep understanding of the media landscape that guarantees excellent PR Value (financial equivalent of advertising space).


Digital PR and social media management to increase customer engagement

Meridian Communications offers integrated digital PR, social media management and strategy development solutions for business growth. This strategic approach ranges from the identification and management of consumer communities to key influencers, essential elements for boosting brand visibility, not only for the mass market (B2C) but also for different industry sectors (B2B). Consider, for example, blogs discussing economics and industry or forums dedicated to vertical sectors (from chemicals to retail, real estate and automotive, just to name a few).
Through the planning of tailored online strategies, companies not only receive support for growth, but are also guided in their digital transformation through optimisation of their online presence and improvement of their reputation among all stakeholders.
Meridian Communications can improve the online reputation of companies and brands through targeted SEO, SEM and online advertising activities.


Elevate your marketing strategy

Meridian Communications is a strategic marketing consultancy partner, offering innovative solutions for correct positioning of companies and brands.
With a constant focus on the latest market trends and the use of advanced technologies, Meridian Communications acts as a catalyst in turning business challenges into real opportunities, optimising ROI and improving brand perception.
From strategy to action: from industry studies to market research, focus groups, street marketing, competitor analysis and go-to-market strategies.


Getting recognised at first glance

AND MEDIA BUYING Meridian Communications creates online and offline, static and dynamic advertising campaigns, managing the entire creative process, from the initial concept to graphic, audio and video production. We manage branding, ATL, and BTL projects, handling all project stages right up to the creation of media plans


Excellence in organisation

Meridian Communications creates and organises events, both in Italy and abroad, with an approach marked by impeccable management and outstanding creativity.
Events that are perfectly planned down to the last detail and attuned to their audience are an essential tool for building customer and stakeholder loyalty.
The sense of belonging created by an exclusive event is vital for customer loyalty and the creation of a solid professional network.
Conventions, retreats, trade fairs, roadshows, round tables, flash mobs, corporate events, and team building.


Meridian Communications special projects

Meridian Communications special projects create connections with customers, potential customers, institutions, media and employees. Meridian Communications devises projects, identifies topics appropriate to the customer’s business, forges partnerships with associations and non-profit organisations, facilitates relations with institutions to obtain sponsorships and collaborations, engages employees, and manages communication.
These projects involve the press office, public affairs, HR, digital PR and all stakeholders. In the age of increasing environmental, social and governance (ESG) awareness, companies in every sector are looking for ways to integrate sustainable practices into their business model. Meridian Communications offers customised solutions for ESG initiatives that not only meet global standards, but are also designed to have a significant impact. Meridian Communications elabora progetti di responsabilità sociale che costruiscono una solida e autorevole reputazione verso tutti gli stakeholers aziendali, siano essi clienti, potenziali clienti, istituzioni, media e dipendenti. The innovative and accessible approach to ESG offered by Meridian Communications is an invaluable resource for companies that wish to establish an authoritative reputation, regardless of their size or financial resources. These projects are also a very effective internal communication tool to attract new talent (employer branding and talent attraction).


Meridian Communications not only offers standard communication solutions, but elevates the customer service experience to a new level of excellence and customisation.
AI, partly thanks to predictive analytics, makes it possible to anticipate customer needs and propose as yet unexplored solutions, turning every interaction into an opportunity to consolidate user trust and satisfaction.
Meridian Communications is a strategic partner for companies that want to make the most of AI’s potential in order to innovate their services and create inestimable added value.